About us

Santantonio has for years been the reference point for bereaved families going through the painful time of mourning.

The company deals with funeral transport, crematorium, posting funeral leaflets, and floral gifts.

Our mission

agenzia funebre con personale in divisa

The Santantonio funeral agency founded its business philosophy on professionalism, discretion and humanity.

Santantonio offers its uniformed staff to meet all the needs of the family and friends of the deceased and other aspects related to the organization of the funeral.

Funeral articles


Funebri Santantonio, besides performing funeral services and delivering floral gifts, has a wide range of funeral articles and sacred art, including:

  • coffins;
  • crosses;
  • marble tombstones;
  • monuments;
  • Religious art.

Funeral Organisation

Santantonio Funeral Directors, is responsible for the complete organization of funerals: from the setting up of the crematorium, to the display of mourning posters, thanksgiving and participation.

Santantonio offers local, national and international funeral transport services.

Dealing with funeral practices

Taking care of the bureaucratic aspect associated with the loss of a loved one can be very difficult for those who are going through the painful grieving process.

For this reason, it is best to delegate to competent and trusted people such as Funebri Santantonio, dealing with the death records, cemetery or crematorium, and the necessary permits for the transport of

the deceased.

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